Sharing & Connecting

Facebook Group

Please feel free to share your journey within our facebook group. We are always learning from each other. You may also conduct free readings within the group to gain more practical hours.


If you need help during the course to understand an activity or work through anything coming up, please reach out to our Lightworker Practitioner community or through our website.

Our graduates with the Master Lightworker Practitioner Certification are also available for mentoring via our website. Please trust who you are guided to connect with and reach out to our Lightworker Practitioner community.

You may also build your practice hours by mentoring other students once you have graduated with Level 1. We encourage you to volunteer your time with peer to peer mentoring as this grows our community and helps you to pay it forward.

You need to be insured if you are choosing to be paid as a mentor within our student community. We cover all you need to know about insurance during Level 1.

Mentoring is a great way to earn an income and solidify your learning. We teach what we need to learn the most!

Reflections and Feedback

Please provide any reflections or written material, pictures, screen shots and weblinks to share your journey with us.

Please use the following link if the form does not appear below. We have included this form at the end of every level of this course as well.

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