There are 12 modules in each of the 7 levels.

There are 4 quizzes per Level apart from Level 7 which we structure slightly differently with check in points for a final assessment. 

Practical Hours

12 practical hours need to be recorded to graduate per level of training. There are 7 levels, so therefore 84 practical hours in total.

• You can complete these with a study buddy, friend, or family member posing as the client.

• There are 84 practical hours that need to be completed in total.

• If you commence your own existing practice or are conducting LPT activities within workshops or within another role that aligns LPT skills/activities, you can include these hours.

• Sessions can be conducted in person, over phone, via video conferencing (skype, zoom, messenger etc), distance healing (with permission of client), via email/text (e.g. readings), within a live stream (facebook,, zoom, youtube, Lightworker Practitioner facebook group).

• If you wanted to do all your practical hours in readings or all your practical hours within an existing practice, workshop environment, this is allowed.

• If you wish to do all your practical hours at the end of all 7 levels of training instead, please note that this is allowed, however we encourage you to practice as you go as this help you to integrate your learning.

• Your certification cannot be issued for any level if you have not accrued the 12 practice hours required up to that level of training. i.e. Level 1 - total 12 hours, Level 2 - total of 24 hrs to date, Level 3 - total of 36 hrs to date etc.

• You may do more practice hours for any type of Lightworker Practitioner activity.  We are encouraging you to 'find your way'. Everything you learn is going to affect your Lightworking, in whatever way you feel called to do it. We had for example one student who did artistic spirit guide channeling and many of her practice hours were conducted doing these sessions with clients. Along the way she expanded her skill set but predominantly, this was the area she was called to conduct her sessions.

• You may do more practice hours before you move onto the next level and just record them on the record, send it to us and these hours will be credited for your future levels to be completed.

• Please upload Practical Hours Record to the following link


Recognition of Prior Practical Hours

If you feel you have practical hours relevant to the skills and activities taught in the training, we are happy to acknowledge these. Just record them on the Practical Hours Record and upload them to the following link.

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