The WOW can end the struggle

-Michelle Lightworker

Struggling with an employee or client? One of my favourite tools that is tried and tested when it comes to attaining good relationships with our employees is the Wheel of Wholeness (WOW). In meeting up with our employees or clients, we can help them attain a greater sense of themselves if we focus on how they are travelling in any of these 5 areas:

- Self-Care

- Self-Protection

- Self-Love

- Self-Awareness

- Self-Moderation

This is also a good prevention tool. If your workforce is exercising good self-care, know their limits, value themselves, take responsibility for their behaviour and moderate their reality, they will usually be a healthy team player and contributor.

I have included a short video from some training I put together previously, where I describe these 5 areas in a bit more detail. I also have a wealth of tools that I can recommend if you need further support in helping your employees or clients. I formed this idea from Pia Mellody in her book, ‘Facing Co-dependence’ in referring to the 5 symptoms of Co-dependency and I saw the holistic nature of how these can navigate our way back to wholeness so easily. They are a great healthy self-audit. I’ve used them with clients for over 20 years and they never fail to impress me how quickly people get back on track and build a better relationship with themselves and others.

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