High Vibe Hunter

After over 20 years in the holistic and spiritual development industry, Michelle Lightworker is on the hunt for high vibe people, enterprises and global destinations. When we tap into them, we create a better world. 

Enlightened Sexuality

Enlightened Sexuality is the awareness we are sexual beings living both a spiritual & human experience. Many different aspects of sexuality are explored in this series that takes us on a journey at uncovering all the secrets to a healthy, happy and conscious sex life. Invite sex to become a big part of your awakening….

Healing Your Holographic Body

Join leading Medical Intuitive experts as they help us to understand what our holographic body is and how we can heal it.  In this episode Julie Lewin shares how we can heal ourselves from burns and visualise our way to new dimensions of health. 

Planet Protectors

Land healer, environmentalist, author and speaker, Dr Mahdi Mason considers herself a voice for nature and animals.  She is passionate about restoring the balance between people and the environment. There are so many practical things we can all be doing on a daily basis to help Mother Earth. Let her show you how in this episode.

Spirit Animals

Awaken to the multi-dimensional powers of animals! Feel their essence, listen as they do and see through their insightful vision to activate their potent and transcendental qualities. ‘Spirit Animals’ helps us to tap into the unique qualities of the archetypal energies provided by Animals, to create a more balanced and resourced life. 

Everything Animals

Famed Medium from TV, Radio & the  ‘Animal Whisperer’ in Woman’s Day Magazine, Amanda De Warren shares her tips and skills in communicating with pets and animals. In this first episode, Amanda shares how she became known as one of Australia’s best known and most respected mediums and provides us the insight into how she does what she does with precision.

Heart Matrix Healing

Adam Mac from Heal Grow Create is the pioneer of Heart Matrix Healing system. In this episode he explains the 3 main areas of focus used in the Heart Matrix Healing system that will maximise healing potential and he also discusses strategies in overcoming sabotage areas.

Indigenous Wisdom 

There is so much wisdom in ancient and indigenous cultures. If we take a moment to listen to the stories, understand the dream time, appreciate the meaning behind the art and dance of these forgotten ways; we can rekindle a wisdom that is beyond time.  In this episode, Winanga-li Gii (Paul Spearim) explains how the practice of digeridoo, wood carvings and painting are so sacred. We are treated to a performance by Winangali Infusion.  

Money Flow

In our every growing world of changing consciousness we explore the next dimension of currency and alternative thought towards money and crypto-currency. 

5Rhythms Dance®

Honour Morningstar walks a path of dance medicine firmly rooted in the maps of the 5Rhythms®. By putting the body in motion we heal the psyche and create an opportunity to connect body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit with our full aliveness! As we dance through this Wave we gain a wider movement vocabulary to find out our ground, express our hearts, get creative, free ourselves, and come home.

Ascension Activation

Join Raghida in a transformational soul pod group activation healing. Teaching, awakening and accelerating the group's DNA and encoding into the 5th dimensional frequency using Raghida's powerful voice and teachings. Activate your 3rd eye with direct transmission. Raghida is a soul ascension activator and Inka Shaman (Q'ero tradition). A specialist in soul unions/tantrica & twin flames. Raghida works with sacred geometry & quantum physics.

Enlightenment Activation

In this 12 part doc-series we turn to exploring the shadow side of high vibe principles. Michelle Lightworker speaks to individuals about how they experienced these as a positive activators for enlightenment in their lives.

The Cure

Documentary by Emmanuel Itier

A worldwide journey into healing the mind, healing the body and healing the planet. Michelle Lightworker stars alongside Deepak Chopkra, Sharon Stone and other visionaries.


Documentary by Dr Lana Marconi

Behold the undeniable, intelligent, life force that flows through everything connecting all that is through vibration. This hidden power, called Orenda, pulls us forward into higher realities of consciousness that includes telepathic communication with advanced benevolent star nations, spontaneous healing, shapeshifting, directing nature at will, activating superhuman abilities, and engaging in other multi-dimensional experiences characteristic of the evolving new human desiring ultimate fulfillment. Michelle Lightworker stars alongside experts who share their experiences and understanding of this powerful force known as Orenda.